HAN Guang was born in northern China and attended college in Japan. He won the Asahi Journal Prize for nonfiction writing in 1992 for Auntie So's Sea. In 2000, Han completed his first documentary, Where is Grandma Zheng's Homeland?” about the return of a Korean “comfort woman” to her homeland from China. His next film, Gai Shanxi and Her Sisters (2006) depicted sexual slavery in the remote Shanxi Province of China.


YAMAGAMI Tetsujiro is the founding president of Siglo, Ltd., and has produced over 70 documentaries and feature films, including award-winning films by HAN Guang and John Junkerman, HIGASHI Yoichi (Village of Dreams, Wandering Home), SATO Makoto (Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said), SAKATA Masako (Agent Orange), and DOI Toshikuni (Breaking the Silence).


John Junkerman is an American filmmaker who has worked with Siglo on many films. His first film, Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima, was coproduced with Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Dower and nominated for an Academy Award. His 2002 film, Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times, produced by Siglo, received widespread theatrical distribution in Japan, the US, and Europe. His acclaimed 2005 film, Japan's Peace Constitution, was a hard-hitting look at the conservative Japanese government's plan to revise the nation's constitution and jettison its famous no-war clause, Article 9.

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